welcome to my site.

i spent about 3 days at my site. i met my socios, who are fantastic. they were really supportive of me and of the peace corps, and were really proactive about incorporating me into meetings and introducing me to a lot of key people in the community. i even found myself in a surprise all-day meeting on local economic development. needless to say it was a very busy week, and it has left me feeling even more motivated and excited about returning to my community and getting to work.

my host family seems like a pretty great fit thus far. i have a host mom, two sisters and a brother and a little niece. all of my siblings are 15 to 22, so they are all independent and extremely helpful. my host brother, david, took me around the town as well and introduced me to all of his friends. they all gave me a tour of the town. it was nice to already start building confianza with some of the local youth.

the local municipality and church on the plaza.

a small cancha where the boys play soccer every evening with a stage with a pyramid painted with the same pyramid in the background.

as i mentioned before, my town is also known as “the valley of the pyramids,” and there are 26 pyramids in my site. there was one in particular (see above) that is really close to the center of town. my first night, david took me around town and we turned the corner and there was this pyramid with the sky filled with stars and the milky way. it was one of the most beautiful sites i have ever seen in my lifetime. we then returned the next day to hike to the top of it.

a pyramid.

another cancha next to the pyramid.

david at the top of the pyramid.

the point of the pyramid (or where it used to be).

our shadows.

directly in my town there are about 15,000 people, and i have a number of caserios in my site with about 6,000 more people. the caserios are very campo and there is a lot of agriculture. i feel like i get the best of all the sites, as i am only about an hour away from the beach, but i have mountains in the distance, i have ancient ruins (with an impressive museum to boot) and green too!

some of my site in the distance.

the large cancha and the rest of my town.

we have in my town peru’s (in)famous hairless dogs…well they only have a small patch of hair on their heads. i find them ugly…yet i still like them…go figure…










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