puerto malabrigo.

la plaza de armas en puerto malabrigo.

we spent friday morning in puerto mlabrigo, which was the site of a volunteer that just completed service earlier in the week. another youth volunteer will replace the previous one (a site of about 5,000). i wish it was going to be me, but alas, a male volunteer has been requested. in this site, the volunteer literally lives on the beach and their main socio is with a surf school. talk about a rough two-years…

we spent the morning there to participate in a program called “red ambiente,” which is supposed to help promote youth leadership. we sat through two presentations, one of which was on la pesete (the plague). supposedly it is still a problem in that province, with most reported cases in peru being from their region. afterwards i facilitated a short game on how to synthesize the presentation and take the information back to their community.

then we just spent a short bit at the beach.


yes. please.

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