we stayed a couple of evenings in a great little surf town in pacasmayo.

it was a nice little surf hostel.

it was so green, and had hammocks and even a trampoline!

casey taking a much needed nap in the hammock at the hostel.

this is the closest i have gotten to machu picchu. at a surf hostel on the other side of the country.

great, colorful fishing boats filled the beaches.

the beach at sunset.

this dog and i became the best of friends over those couple of days.

every town seems to have some type of statue at the top of a hill. pacasmayo has jesus (which is more common than not).








3 thoughts on “pacasmayo.

  1. Monika (mom) says:

    What a beautiful place. I like the statue.

  2. mark says:

    hi, what is the surf hostel called?

    • erinlc says:

      hey mark!

      it was los faroles:

      also, i think we paid S/. 25 each night to share 4 person dorm-style rooms w/ a private bathroom. enjoy! seriously, probably one of my favorite hostels in peru!


      ps. fyi: for some reason the english version of the website isn’t working…but the spanish one is…

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