bello horizante.

on monday, we visited a volunteer finishing up his service in bello horizante, which is a smaller site with just under a thousand people. it was quite beautiful, as it was probably one of the greenest sites we saw on the entire trip and at the foot of some small mountains.

it was about a 30 minute combi ride, and as i was mindlessly looking out the combi window, another combi passed us, but this one in particular had two live sheep tied to the top and the sheep were lifting their heads bah-ing at us as they zoomed by. it was quite a funny experience.

at the school, i did a charla on self-identiy and self-esteem. i had them draw maps with chalk and they could take water and pour it on parts of the maps to symbolize that they didn’t have to carry the negatives with them or that the choices that they make now do affect their future.

the school where we taught.

class time.

the kid’s face on the far right is awesome.

drawing her map.

after lunch, we went for a small hike to some ancient ruins that are in the site. the view was incredible.

ancient burial grounds.





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