practice. practice. practice.

the team getting ready to start.

on wednesday i had my first tech practical. i was in a group of three and we had to teach three 45-minute classes on self-esteem to middle schoolers. i was pretty nervous, but i got all the kids to say “howdy,” which helped me feel right at home. and though i accidentally said “i am drunk,” instead of “i am joking” (fyi the words are pretty similar in spanish…at least in my head), it went really well and was a lot of fun. it reminded me of why i am here, and that though i am still catching up on the language portion, i have a lot of other strengths in the classroom.

teaching about the characteristics of high and low self-esteem.

the kids writing all sorts of nice compliments to me. one day i will translate them. one day.

One thought on “practice. practice. practice.

  1. monika says:

    I knew you would make a great teacher. Cute kids, they seem to be enjoying the lesson. You look great!!!!

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